Stuff All the Noise – Celebrate


That is the tone Lesego Lehari has set for the rest of the year, it took a while but finally Lesego gets it! Find out more in the personal #Journal written by the Legend in existence. You just don’t know it yet.

Always Yours,

The Lesego Lehari Team

Va Dans Le Sens Français

You're beautiful!

It’s Spring in Tennessee and we’re still keeping it stylishly warm.

Take a look at the #Lifestyle page with Lesego Lehari and the infamous Beret making it’s way around the world from Stars and to your home girl or boy out in your neighborhood.

Stylishly Yours,

The Lesego Lehari TEAM



Fueling America in Boston, MA

You're beautiful! (1)

Paying homage to  the greats of American History and fueling away your troubles. Lesego discover’s a gem in Boston, Massachusetts – Fuel America the brainchild of Jeff Banasia, which came about at a difficult time in America during the recession and creating employment in local communities. Follow the story on the #LifeStyle page.

To the Coffee,

The Lesego Lehari Team!