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Lesego Lehari


What is there to know about “Thee” Lesego Lehari?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Lesego Lehari Born to Lynette Martin (d. 2002) and Lenti Lehari on the 20th of March 1994 and yes I am a born free. The African adage, “It takes a village to raise a child” is very true and was fully petitioned in my story. I started off with Mom and her very big family, I must say it was quite pleasant having so many aunts and uncles around me. As a result of having so many siblings and cousins my mom bared no struggle of raising a child alone. I am able to say, with confidence that I was a very pleasant child with an eye for bold and beautiful things in life. After my mom’s passing I stayed with my paternal grandmother which was a completely different environment. I moved again, to live with my father which was when I met really great friends all of whom are still in my life. I eventually then moved in with my aunt who is my mother now and her family during my young adult years…a very life changing and memorable period of my life I must add.

The constant moving brought about a lot of frustration and instability during my childhood. I came to realise that everything that happened (good & bad) wove the fabric that makes Lesego Lehari today. Strong willed, Street smart, Confident, Very Beautiful (inside and out), Intelligent and a Creative mind.

I have had the most memorable moments in the Creative Arts and I have no doubt that every experience I have encountered prepared me for the next. In primary school I was one of the lead singers in a choir, in high school a dance choreographer, singer and actor. Post high school I went into theater production and later radio broadcasting. I became a personal assistant to the stars as well as a stylist. Sometimes I ask myself how is it possible for one to successfully do all of the above and the answer is, “I don’t know how, just keep doing all that you can and in the end it will all come together by your hands”. It is all possible; to be the Renaissance humanist just like Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci.

I want you to experience & share in myStory as I go about it, focusing on the things that I enjoy. Beauty and Lifestyle.

With Love,

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