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Sofar Sounds – Songs From a Room

totally Vegan

Let’s talk Sofar Sounds, a series of intimate music events hosted in local communities in over 420 cities and cultures.

If you follow me on social media you may already know that I recently joined the local Sofar Sounds team – SofarNash based in Nashville, Tennessee. Joining the team was such an exciting honour for me, the team has been nothing short of support and fun. I am so grateful to be a part of this beautiful movement in music.

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The music movement was founded in early 2009 by a group of friends namely Rafe Offer, Rocky Start, and Dave J. Alexander. The story goes that they went to a concert together to watch the Friendly Fires and like any other festival or concert there will always be people talking, drinking, and taking the never ending selfies on their smartphones or just plain texting – when an artist is performing on stage. This did not sit well with the friends of course so the trio decided to host their own private show in one of the trio’s flat in North London, and invited friends to listen to the Friendly Fires play them 5 songs. One show was certainly not enough of course so they hosted another where more people came and Sofar Sounds was established, spreading across continents in the world.

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Lesego Lehari and The Midnight Social.

Sofar is an acronym for Songs From a Room stemming from the initial show that was hosted in a living room. The ethos of the shows is embedded in its name and idea of creating a safe space where artists can intimately share their music with the listener in a respectful setting.

The shows are hosted in secret locations that are announced 24 hours before the show. Each show has 3 artists with no openers and/or not headliners for each show, all the artists apply on the Sofar Sounds website and reviewed by the local team in the city. Musicians from all genres and parts of the world can apply in any city and encouraged to apply for the shows. The line-up is not disclosed until the show starts, which makes it even more exciting. This opens up the audience to a whole new experience.

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Lesego Lehari having a conversation with Barabas Lorinc.

During each show the audience is encouraged to keep quiet during each performance, the use of cell phones is encourages to be on a minimum unless you’re bragging about the shows on social media and/or the artists. The shows are typically BYOB (bring your own bottle) unless it is hosted at a venue that is serving.

My first show was nothing short an experience. I remember sitting at the back with my friend in awe of the artists that were performing. This was the night that I met the SofarNash team and see how they work, I already knew I wanted to be a part of this phenomenon before the show was even over. I got to meet and interact with the artists who were just as welcoming to the experience, they were just as open to the experience as I was. The audience was captivated by the music from these hard working artists, you could feel the emotion and the chills across the room during each performance. It was something I had never experience, you truly felt the intimacy between the artist and the audience, you had a sense of being one with the artist. It was not some fixed idea of an untouchable artist who you could sit next to or be too close too. the artists were real people whom you could speak just like any other extraordinary person in the street.

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Lesego Lehari on the first meeting of the Midnight Social.

The audience for the evening were spoilt to the sounds of Ryan Norman, Midnight Social, and the amazing Barabas Lorinc – whom I cannot wait to share the story of, with You. All of the beautiful moment were captured by the stella photographer Trent Millspaugh.

In Music and In Love,

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The Breakaway Festival 2018 – Nashville, TN


This was my first electronic/hip hop festival organised by the Prime Social Group – The Breakaway festival. I attended the Nashville leg of the festival, hosted at the Bicentennial Park. The festival itself is a big deal especially to the college markets and demographics 18 – 30. Going to the festival I had no idea what to expect, my close group of girls told me about this big festival that we should go to and that it would be a lituation.

breakaway (3)

The previous night before the festival I had a mini turn up slash chill session with my other buddies having the time of my life. Waking up to get ready for the festival was such a struggle – I had the worst hangover of my life. I was supposed to be ready by 3 PM but at that time I was still running around trying to find something to wear and shave my legs. I did not get to the shaving part so I ended up wearing jeans *smh*. I must add I had on a very fresh mickey T-shirt.

On arrival there were still lines just to go inside the festival and all I was praying for was that I did not have to stand in line alone. Luckily the girls were still in line 2 hours later, I mean I could feel it in the atmosphere that everyone was anxious to go in and get lit. You could hear the music racketeering from inside the festival. As soon as we were inside we ran to the closest food truck and had the most amazing smashed ugly burger. I really love the food truck concept, especially at events it just makes everything super nifty.

breakaway (4)

Inside the festival there were very cool booths that attendees could go in to i.e. the Sony PlayStation Booth for your gaming heads, the Enlightenment booth which had everything from energy crystals, to Buddha crystals and my favorite – White Sage. It was interesting to see and touch it, the scents from the sage were very pungent and calming all at the same time. I still love African white sage though.

The other cool event booth was the silent disco, it was so hilarious to watch. Imagine people having so much energy and dancing to absolute silent – which is not the whole truth but it’s a whole scene. I’m not sure exactly what the concept is, but from my observation there is a DJ spinning the decks and the only output for the music is headphones he has on and the crowd also has them on. So whatever the DJ is playing is being sent to the headphones that the crowd has on and of course I join the party. In the midst of this whole discovery, I accidentally pressed a switch on my headphones and it was playing different music and to my surprise there was more than one party in one tent and you could switch between the parties that were being spun by the different DJ’s.

The performances were nothing short of a good time, it was hot, humid and nasty! Griz performance was out of this place, I’m sure I got high from all the smoke that was in the air. Being my first time experiencing EDM at this level was such a ceremonial moment of my life! I allowed the music to come into my existence and elevate me to a sacred place inside me that I didn’t even know existed! The college lads really love Wiz Khalifa, I was really in awe at how they knew each and every song he performed! I mean I know a few of his songs but they were giving it to him, it was so much fun.

breakaway (5)

Thank you girls! I wouldn’t have shared this experience with anyone else. I love you ladies so much,

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The Involved Revolution – Vegan

totally Vegan

Vegan the very involved way of living and definitely rewarding. I have always been curious about leading & living a healthy lifestyle for the good of my own health, I mean who doesn’t want to live longer on earth and look good whilst doing it?

I never quite understood he difference between the different ways of eating and living, I only understood Vegetarianism. I sat down to do some research about the different lifestyle routes one can take to lead towards a healthy lifestyle, and with this I discovered –  Vegetarianism, Banting, Pescetarianism, and Veganism of course which I chose.

totally Vegan (4)

Now growing up always eating animal products, why would I give up all of that and start a plant based diet?

To be honest among the reasons beauty was one of them – I want better skin, I want my skin to consistently glow without even trying. I grew up with skin problems and I never quite understood it and I figured this could contribute towards a better skin. Another reason was phlegm, the body produces phlegm naturally and dairy products just accelerate the production. The constant clearing of the throat irritated me and I wanted to experience the different energy levels that people who are Vegan experienced.

totally Vegan (2)

Now with this drastic change in my diet came challenges with it, I went vegetarian first before the complete transition so that I could prepare my body. The first weeks were easy because I was determined. After about 3 weeks the I felt challenged, I would crave normal food like cheese, meat, and so forth. At work they didn’t make it any easier especially with Pizza floating everywhere and all these delicious no vegan foods.

Now what being Vegan means for me is that, I do not eat any animal products from the meat of any animal to their products like cheese, eggs, gelatin, and going for gluten free products etc. Sounds crazy right? However, you’ll be surprised of the alternatives that are out there for vegans.

I will not lie, it is not a joke LOL! From buying cook books to help me prepare these meals to shopping for 5 hours in a grocery store, reading each and every label to ensure that it is organic and Vegan. Can you imagine my frustration of being a really good cook and having to adjust my way of cooking. Start all over to learn how to cook again! With everything in the United States being almost processed and GMO is a schlep! Despite that I love the numerous choices I have and the affordability of everything and the lifestyle itself.

totally Vegan (3)

I’m well on my way to a better self and living a plant based lifestyle. I love waking up in the morning to make my own juices and feeling good about it. I must add I definitely have more energy on a daily basis and I can say my skin is looking much clearer and happier. I would recommend the 22 day Revolution book for anyone who wants to start living a better life!

To  Plants and a better life – Love,

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Another One!


Yes, Another One! DJ Khaled is the new ambassador for the WeightWatchers – Freestyle programme and he is personally using the programme to lose the weight. I was lucky enough to be invited to the Nashville leg of the tour to learn & experience the freestyle programme, get to know who the weight watchers are. On the day DJ Khaled was opening for Demi Lovato at the Bridgestone Arena and he came down with the kitchen!!

the city from below (1)

Some of the food that was being sampled at the event included foods that are on DJ Khaled’s diet, the baked potatoes skins with creamed spinach & bacon, the spinach breakfast rolls, and my favorite the vegan cookies! I have started taking my first steps towards going Vegan which mean’t I could not have most of the foods because they contained milk, meat, & gluten. I will tell you later all about it why I decided to go vegan.


It was lovely meeting some of the people who are on the programme, Julie & Kaylee took sometime from the event to tell me all about it and how it works. For the programme You sign up on the website, you chose a package that fits your pocket and one that will complement your lifestyle. So you are given a certain amount of point to spend on a weekly basis like “money’’ for each food item you eat, for example if you eat a chocolate bar and you update it on your weightwatchers account you will automatically lose 20 points or only 10 points if you have a Caesar salad which is of course a much healthier option hence the lesser points. Now with the freestyle programme you can eat anything that you want to eat which is one exciting part of the programme and you do it in portions so that you don’t use up all your points, ending up starving yourself in the end. You must of course pair it up with a manageable exercising regime for you to see results and maintain your ideal weight. It was interesting to learn about the different memberships that the girls are on – Julie is on the online programme with her best-friend, they are both in college and split the cost of the account together with their groceries so that they can afford the plan – Kaylee has the meetings programme that includes all the benefits of the online one + the opportunity to meet up with other members to stay motivated in the programme.


The programme has helped the likes of Jennifer Hudson to stay in shape and Oprah Winfrey still uses it today to enjoy a healthier life. I personally cannot wait to see DJ Khaled’s transformation and you can follow his progress on his social media web pages.

Always Yours,

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The Parisian Way

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The Beret has been making its way around the streets in the world and today it somehow fell on my head! This fashion accessory is to die for, making its debut since the Bronze Age later adopted by the military French Chasseurs in the 18oo’s and eventually the French as a statement and later by the world…by now you get where I am going.

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Being it Spring in Southern state of Tennessee I would have thought it would be much warmer by now however that is not the case, anyway.

To style it the Parisian way keep it warm with a Black Turtle Neck, pairing it up with a Black Cropped Leather Biker Jacket To Match with the Beret.

Add some contrast to the look, by breaking the black down with a pair of Blue Skinny Jeans and Pink Pump Canvas shoes Ballerina Style.

post template (4)

Add some Glamour to the look with a super long Scarf, a Pair of Shades for the Paps and a Classy Black Purse.

Fashionably Yours,

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Fueling America, Inspiring the Nation


Chain restaurants and coffee bars are not everyone’s cup of “tea” or should I say “coffee” unless it’s Starbucks or a McDonald’s. I decided to visit Fuel America because it is a fairly new chain, it is locally brewed, hand crafted, it is cozy, and marks off all the right ticks on my list. The name just caught my attention, the idea of a refilling station for coffee lovers is genius!

You're beautiful! (7)

The art on the walls in all the chains pays homage to Americans who were the backbones of the country’s history and innovation – writers, actors, musicians, poets, business leaders, and storytellers. I call it the wall of inspiration!

You're beautiful! (2)

It’s only fitting for a legend to drink in the presence of other legends, that’s the feeling you get whilst sipping on your coffee looking at the photographs on the wall…

You're beautiful! (4)

They serve fresh sandwiches and delicious snacks on the go! Just what you need when you’re on the go or need to catch up on business meetings at the filling station. The milk and creams are locally sourced which is great for the environment, supporting local businesses and fresh. They also have Fuel America merchandise which is very cool I must add.

You're beautiful! (5)

The coffee is really good. I did not order anything special, I decided that I was going to base my review of the shop by ordering their most basic coffee that they have on the menu and I was impressed. The strength was perfectly balanced with the taste and of course the great smell from the coffee! They also have a great selection of dried fruits, nuts, and tropical mixes.

Thank the heavens for Jeff Banasia otherwise I would have flown to Boston just to have coffee, I cannot wait for the opportunity to visit the other Fuel America’s.

In Caffeine we Believe,

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The Minimal Dinner Party Outfit

makeup by elaine (1)

Make up – Estee Lauder, Kylie Cosmetics, Nuetrogena.

A great long coat that is always a good investment, go for a tailored fit to accentuate the shape of your body with curves at the right places. Try going for neutral colors .i.e. tan brown, black, royal navy, etc.


Coat – Dolce & Gabbana

Pair it up with a Crisp white shirt, body hugging skinny jeans and a good pair of pumps. I always go for the choker regardless of its reputation, it adds that sophisticated look with just the right size of drop down earrings.

makeup by elaine (2)

Shirt – Witchery; Mesh Choker – H&M; Earings – MRP Fashion

Fashionably Yours,

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