The Changing Paradigm

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With the beginning of the New Year it has been a challenge for Lesego, battling her inner fears and take one more step further to move out of her shell. Lesego writes on her journal and shares 5 minutes of what is on her mind. Read here.

Cheers To The New Year!

The Lesego Lehari Team

All of it is Me – Mental Health Awareness

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To everyone who is feeling overwhelmed by their life experiences and mental state of mind, always remember you might feel lonely and depressed but you are not alone. There is someone who has gone through what you are experiencing & is willing to offer You a shoulder to lean on. Lesego share’s with us a personal experience reminding us that everyone goes through rough patches, and that we can overcome them only if we try. Read this very revealing journal entry here.

In faith and love

The Lesego Lehari Team