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Join us in Congratulating Lesego Lehari on joining the Sofar Sounds family in Nashville – the SofaNash. We’re just as excited as to share the news with you, Lesego has already co-hosted at 2 of the shows and cannot wait to host her own curated show in the coming year. Go on and check out the story on Sofar sounds right here.


The Lesego Lehari Team

Cuffing Season

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As the temperatures drop and the seasons changes. The music slows down, calling for some adjustments in the type of music Lesego listens . Let this playlist invoke feelings of lust, intimacy and pleasure with your considerable half. This playlist is visually stimulative and awakens the senses, if you know what we mean. Take a listen on Spotify and read here.

Winter Is Coming

The Lesego Lehari Team

Love. Hip-Hop. & Rap – So scandalous

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This is one of Lesego’s most exciting playlists that she could not wait to share with you. It is comprised mostly of South African Hip Hop and Rap from legends in the country, we honestly don’t get it why the world is not tapping into this phenomenal movement. Take a look at the list and start listening right here.

Better Late Than Never,

The Lesego Lehari Team

Va Dans Le Sens Fran├žais

You're beautiful!

It’s Spring in Tennessee and we’re still keeping it stylishly warm.

Take a look at the #Lifestyle page with Lesego Lehari and the infamous Beret making it’s way around the world from Stars and to your home girl or boy out in your neighborhood.

Stylishly Yours,

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