All of it is Me – Mental Health Awareness

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To everyone who feeling overwhelmed by their life experiences and mental state of mind. Always remember, you might feel lonely and depressed but you are not alone. There is someone who has gone through what you are experiencing & willing to offer a shoulder to lean on. Lesego share’s with us a personal experience reminding everyone that we all go through rough patches and we can overcome them only if we try. Read this very revealing journal entry here.

In faith and love

The Lesego Lehari Team

The Summer Playlist – Part 3


The final part of the personally curated summer playlist, driven by men! Filled with love and all kinds of emotions. If you don’t know it yet Lesego is a Pisces and from this playlist we can deduct all the emotions that constantly mantle Lesego. We all just wish we were there with Lesego on the beach, taking in all the love professed in the music soaking up Lesego’s take on affection & allegiance. Okay we’re done, check it out right here.

Real Love,

The Lesego Lehari Team

The Summer Playlist – Part 2


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The calm of the second half of the playlist will certainly keep you in Your sunbed longer. Lesego features only women in this playlist expressing their deepest feelings and power. This one you’re sure too love, it’s very moody and oh so sexual. Take a peek inside here!

We love the Music,

The Lesego Lehari Team

The Summer Playlist – Part 1

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Lesego curates a special 3 part summer playlist to keep you entertained whilst you’re at the beach, pool, river, lake or whatever you’re up to this Summer in the United States. If you’re in other parts of the world where winter is still in full swing, this playlist will get you in just the right mood and ready for summer. Follow the link here and take some musical notes from the living Legend in the making.


The Lesego Lehari Team

The Music that inspires Lesego 🌈

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Have you ever wondered what kind of music Lesego Lehari listens too, what kind of music inspires and moves Lesego. Finally Lesego takes the time to share some good music and thoughts around favourites. Check it out here!

Your playlist will never be the same!

The Lesego Lehari Team